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  • Zhoushan Sanzhong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. provides all kinds of screw for you, welcome to consult!


    High speed cable extruder

    High speed cable extruder
    With the construction of China's State Grid, wires and cables are widely used. It is the pursuit of every cable manufacturer to improve the production speed of cable production line, reduce energy consumption and save plant construction.
    Our newly developed high-speed cable extruder, compared with the current market. Mainstream extruder capacity increased by 50% - 100%. Production per kilometer of cable energy saving 20% - 50%. It greatly improves the production efficiency, protects the environment and increases the benefit. It has become the first choice of the same industry.

    Specialized in manufacturing all kinds of injection molding machine, extruder, chemical fiber machine, glue melting machine, rubber machine barrel screw and its accessories
    The company can also undertake surveying and mapping, design, transformation and batch processing business